Stay Well

Stay Well brings health to your hotel stay with features that minimize the impact that travel has on your body; providing you with better rest, fresher air, personalized lighting, a nutritious menu and more.

Stay Well Amenities

Air purification

To reduce pollen allergens, mold spores and other microbes in the air


All-natural essential oils to create a calm, mood-enhancing environment

Circadian lighting

Personalize your room lighting to enhance sleep, energy and productivity

Cleaning protocol

Non-Toxic cleaning products and UV lighting to reduce bacteria, viruses and other microbes

Specialized lighting

Including a dawn simulator to gently wake you, energizing light to suppress melatonin and reduce jet lag, and long wave night lighting to minimize sleep disruption

Stay Well Shower Infuser

Reduces chlorine to keep hair and skin soft and smooth

Stay Well Mattress

Natural memory foam for optimal support and comfort

Stay Well mobile app

With information about in-room features, a Jet Lag tool and complimentary Cleveland Clinic Wellness programs