Park MGM Art

The walls of Park MGM are lined with art collections of commissioned and curated works that pay tribute to nature through the lens of urban parks and the Nevada desert. Artists represented in these collections come from across the world.

Fine Art

Park MGM curates a diverse collection of works by renowned artists from around the world to complement this distinct new resort experience inspired by classic European gardens and natural landscapes. In collaboration with MGM Resorts International and Sydell Group, be-poles, a branding studio with offices in Paris and New York, brought together a mix of commissioned and existing works to create a global visual narrative with elements of surprise, that features artists such as David Hockney, Henrique Oliveira, Shoja Azari and Shahram Karimi.

Lobby Ceiling: Henrique Oliveira, Untitled, 2017. Front Desk: Shoja Azari & Shahram Karimi, Dreamscape VI, 2017.

David Hockney –

Hailed for his contributions to the pop art movement of the 1960s, David Hockney is one of England's most influential artists of the 20th Century. Merging his craft as a painter and photographer with a keen understanding of evolving technology, Hockney created a series of iPad drawings that are on display adjacent to Park MGM's lobby.

Henrique Oliveira –

Anchoring the lobby is a dramatic arboreal sculpture by the celebrated Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira. It is composed from a combination of local and Brazilian weathered reclaimed wood to create a root-like structure that hugs the ceiling. Oliveira is known worldwide for his immersive environments that simulate an interruption of man-made structures by nature. He found inspiration in the natural landscape that surrounds Las Vegas and wants guests to experience his vision of a tree’s root system seen from underground, creating a stunning signature visual within Park MGM's lobby.

Shoja Azari & Shahram Karimi –

Framing the registration desk, a multimedia collaborative installation by Iranian filmmaker and painter duo, Shoja Azari and Shahram Karimi, merges traditional painting on canvas with video projection to infuse life and movement into a static image. The piece depicts a moment experienced while lying in the grass looking up to the trees while leaves subtly sway in the breeze.

Guy Yanai –

Israeli artist Guy Yanai is known for his representation of the mundane through bold colors, simplified shapes and a shallow depth of field bringing vibrancy to the everyday. Three commissioned oil paintings are on display in Park MGM's pool promenade and elevator lobbies.

Jules de Balincourt –

Evoking notions of utopia and dystopia, Jules de Balincourt's paintings investigate public and private spaces, the physical and the psychological and suggest an ever-changing landscape. Between the urban or the natural, de Balincourt's work invites guests to journey across territories that might be celestial or earthbound, cartoon-like or cyber, and to consider the physical and the metaphysical in contemporary life. His work is located in the lobby next to Primrose.

Patricia Cain –

Located behind the Bell Desk, guests are greeted by an explosion of line color and shape with the work of Scotland-based artist Patricia Cain. The vertical diptych painting is analogous to abstracted tree branches that challenge the viewer's depth of field.

Jacques Perconte –

Building on Park MGM's commitment to new media, French filmmaker and new media artist Jacques Perconte has been commissioned to produce a new video installation that will be located next to the pool entrance. Focusing on the body and the landscape, Perconte transforms his recordings through the rhythm of digital compression.

Jaanus Samma –

Estonian artist Jaanus Samma investigates representations of male sexuality and its artistic portrayal. This photographic work, displayed in the hotel lobby, melds the human and the natural to create a unified landscape.

Rooms & Decorative Art

Each guestroom at Park MGM has its own collection of artwork providing guests with the sense of a personal gallery with photographs, mixed media paintings, and found objects that draw inspiration from far-flung travels, bygone eras and striking natural landscapes. The original artwork from commission artists—photographers Dimitri Coste and Clement Jolin, illustrator Alicia Galer, and mixed-media artist Beth Hoeckel—offer unique perspectives on Las Vegas and public parks.

Other decorative artwork can be found around the property in spaces. For example, the casino cage showcases paintings by Claire Basler, the pool promenade is lined with over-life size wall reliefs by Frank Plant, David Oliviera's wire sculptures are located in the high-rise elevator lobbies, and Richard Tuschman's imagery can be found in each guest room corridor.

Dimitri Coste –

Paris-born Dimitri Coste is a photographer and film director whose extensive work is ingrained with his immense passion for motorcycles, skateboarding and American culture. His interest in vintage American culture plays into the subject of his photography.

Clement Jolin –

An instinctive nomad, Clément Jolin was born in Aix-en-Provence and left his native France to study film in Australia at the age of 17. After moving to America he graduated from UCLA. Taking a path that unconsciously has been steered by his love of the sun and natural light. Clément's work has an unmistakable appreciation of the beauty of simplicity.

Vincent Lappartient –

A French photographer and eternal epicure who travels by bicycle, Lappartient lives for laughter and telling tales. He has worked for some of fashion's largest brands, including Dior, Chanel, and Hermès, and is on first-name terms in the worlds of advertising and cuisine. His work for Park MGM captures nature through his own unique lens.

Alicia Galer –

Alicia Galer is a freelance textile designer and artist based in London. For Park MGM she created over two dozen illustrations capturing the spirit of English parks.

Beth Hoeckel –

Beth Hoeckel is an artist and illustrator based in Baltimore, Maryland. She earned a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she studied painting, photography, and printmaking, but her main area of expertise is in the medium of collage. For Park MGM, she created a series of witty collages celebrating Las Vegas and the desert.

Frank Plant –

A Barcelona-based American sculptor, Plant's work centers around the forms and compositions of everyday objects and situations conveyed through the use of welded steel. Plant's commissioned wall sculptures are displayed along Park MGM's pool promenade.

Claire Basler –

The French landscape artist brings a passionate flair to nature with large-scale paintings that consume the viewer. Basler painted six pieces for Park MGM, including a stormy scene on a 10-panel dressing screen that forms the backdrop for the Concierge Desk; a panoramic painting at the Casino Cage; and four large murals displayed along the casino promenade.

David Oliviera –

Exploring the idea of line and space, David Oliveira plays on optical illusion. Two-dimensional portraits become three-dimensional works of wire art resembling the appearance of a suspended pencil sketch. Fashioned only in line, the viewer fills in the space to see the characters beyond. Oliviera's work are located in the high-rise elevator lobbies.

Richard Tuschman –

Tuschman's signature assemblages merging painting and photography through digital manipulation have been exhibited internationally. For various locations throughout Park MGM, Tuschman created a series of works that draw inspiration from the French Post-Impressionist artist Georges Seurat. Tuschman's homage to Seurat highlights communal gathering in public parks and is reminiscent of classic European imagery.

Bavette's Steakhouse Murals

David Plunkert – David Plunkert's illustrations have graced everything from major magazines and newspapers to recording labels and movie posters. Park MGM enlisted his talents to create a series of murals that explore the feminine side of the cow to captivate diners at Bavette's Steakhouse & Bar.

Primrose Restaurant

Park MGM's tribute to the South of France includes an extensive collection of works inspired by 1950s Provence, France. Showcasing a variety of mediums, Primrose features lithographs by Pierre Boncompain, photography by Jonas Hafner, abstract paintings by Caroline Denervaud, and ceramic work by Gesine Hackenberg. Original linocut prints from Pablo Picasso demonstrate his masterful treatment of bold composition, vibrant color and patterns. Harry Gruyaert's picnic photographs feature dramatic palettes and dense compositions, a trademark of his theatrical approach to mundane tasks and situations. Claude Viallat's serigraph hangs in the entrance to the restaurant, a prime example of his ingenious use of abstraction.